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Finishing Services

Deburring - Polishing - Painting

FAB Source offers a full range of finishing services, including deburring, polishing and painting.  Deburring and polish are both key finishing processes in metal fabrication, and absolutely vital if your project requires painting.

Since we are a one-stop shop, you can rely on our quality processes from beginning to end of your metal fabrication project.


Deburring removes burrs that may occur during metal fabrication. Although burrs are usually minor, they can cause assembly issues or damage the integrity of finished parts if not removed. The deburring process eliminates these potential hazards.

The appropriate deburring process depends on the size and shape of the burr, and what it will take to remove it without damaging the fabricated metal part. Our skilled fabricators can determine the best deburring and finishing processes to achieve precision parts.



This metal finishing process removes any remaining minuscule burrs before imparting a smooth finish.

Metal polishing utilizes an abrasive compound adhered to a wheel or belt that provides friction. The condition of the metal at the beginning of the polishing process is what determines the type of abrasive that we will be used to create the desired finish.



Choosing a paint finish is an essential step in the metal fabrication process. A proper paint system can prolong the lifespan of metal parts and improve appearance. By drawing upon both in-house knowledge and key vendor relationships, we can accomplish coating systems as simple as painted primer coats, or as extensive as powder-coating or hot dip galvanization.  We are qualified to offer the best quality and protection for any type of metal project.

Applying paint to metal is similar to applying paint to other surfaces.  We begin by cleaning the surface to eliminate any debris or rust, then apply a rust-inhibiting primer on ferrous metals.  The primer coat is followed by multiple layers of paint, and finish with a protective coating. We can paint ferrous and non-ferrous metals.

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