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Why choose FAB Source?

Our customers choose us because we provide a level of quality and support they cannot get with other suppliers.  We always provide the personal attention and advanced fabrication problem-solving you need to get the job done right--the first time.

We are not your typical welding or machine shop.  The projects we are most competitive on involve some unique feature or performance requirement that puts it just out of reach for your run-of-the-mill fab shop.  We apply the skills we have honed servicing industrial boilers for the past 30 years to each and every one of our projects.

While we serve a wide and diverse set of industries, all of our customers share a common need--to partner with a high-quality supplier capable of resolving challenging machining, welding, or assembly/testing problems.  Big or small, prototype or production, we can do it all with our engineering and fabrication facility.

All of our work stems from engineered drawings and program files that allow our shop to ensure top-tier quality, continuity and efficient production.  Our state-of-the-art MRP technology allows us to maintain on-time delivery and tight production schedules.

Office Work

Do you have an idea for a new product?  Our design team will partner with you to develop your idea, form a plan, determine the best materials for the task, and fabricate the finished product to your specifications.  By anticipating difficulties and addressing risks before they become problems, our projects smoothly transition from conception to completion.​


Our customers choose us because we identify and address project risks before they affect the project's cost, time and quality.  We utilize our experience and flexible fabrication processes to deliver high-quality products and a reasonable price.

Our professional workflow saves you time, money and frustration over the life of your project, especially when compared to low-cost, low-quality alternatives.

  1. Needs Assessment
    Once you award the order to us, we immediately assign it to a dedicated project engineer for review.  All shop and engineering personnel then meet to identify project risks and develop the project plan.


  2. Design Optimization
    After the planning meeting, the project engineer will contact you to obtain any necessary clarifications and propose the most efficient solution to meet your project goals.  The engineer will also develop necessary welding and machining fixtures, as well as requisition any necessary raw materials and equipment.


  3. Production Schedule
    The project engineer develops a detailed set of production drawings, as well as a step-by-step production traveler defining production and quality control operations.  A final kick-off meeting is held with shop personnel to present the project plan and once again identify any areas for improvement.  The job is then released for production.


  4. On-time Delivery of Quality Work
    Since we frequently work on prototypes and one-of-a-kind projects, we routinely identify new ways to further streamline the production process.  We adjust to deviations to the plan without sacrificing job quality or delivery schedules.  We actively seek out better, faster ways to complete your project objectives.

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