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Pressure Vessel Fabrication

ASME Code Vessels - Non ASME Code Vessels - ASME B31.3 Piping

FAB Source can build a vessel to your specifications, or even design your pressure vessel project from scratch.  We maintain an ASME "U" and National Board "R" stamp which certifies us to both fabricate and repair ASME code pressure vessels.  Our experienced craftsmen specialize in custom, prototype, or challenging pressure vessels designs that showcase our differentiated fabrication skills.  Whether one-of-a-kind prototype designs or mass-quantity production runs, FAB Source always maintains our impeccable quality standards.


ASME Code Pressure Vessels

We carry an ASME "U" stamp that certifies us to fabricate custom ASME code pressure vessels.  Our welders are ASME Section IX certified per the ASME boiler and pressure vessel code.

Any vessel that is greater than 6" diameter and designed at least 15 psig pressure must be code stamped and  registered with the National Board.

Designing a vessel to the ASME code standards also provides peace of mind that the design adheres to specific regulations.  Once an ASME code stamp is obtained, the performance of that vessel is guaranteed and fully insured.


While obtaining an ASME code stamp involves certain design requirements, non-code vessels have significantly more design freedom.  If your vessel design does not require a code stamp and insurance/traceability is not a concern, we can develop a more cost-effective fabrication plan to fit your specific needs.

Non-code pressure vessels are designed with a 3:1 safety factor using a broad range of carbon/stainless steels and provide an economic alternative to ASME pressure vessels, often with a shorter lead time.

Non Code Pressure Vessels


The B31.3 code is a widely used regulation that specifically applies to piping systems found in refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical plants, textile mills, paper mills, semiconductor process facilities, and cryogenic plants.

The code covers different aspects of the materials, designs, fabrication techniques, inspection requirements, and testing criteria utilized during the production process.

Piping Systems
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