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Machining Services

Lathe Turning - Precision Machining - Waterjet Cutting

FAB Source provides a staff of trained and highly experienced craftsmen.  Our machine shop is capable of not only producing new or replacement parts for your existing equipment--which will be comparable or to superior standards than the original parts--but also provide complete, turn-key service for your new project ideas.  Our machining capabilities benefit virtually every industry's needs. 

We excel at machining projects involving low- to medium-sized production runs (1-100 units) of components.  Our personnel's careful attention to detail allows FAB Source to provide superior service on subtle variations of product design that other machine shops tend to overlook.

In addition to our internal machining capabilities, we have an extensive supply chain of trusted partners that are able to fill in any unique machining operations that fall outside of our core capabilities.


Our Sharp 1780K horizontal lathe has a 17" swing and 48" between centers. This allows us to perform both milling and truing operations in a single setup.

Lathe Turning


Some part features must be machined after welding to account for the distortion that is generated by the welding process, such as:

  • Facing off flanges to proper heights

  • Final cuts on seal surfaces

  • True position hole locations

  • Machining for tight flatness, perpendicularity, and parallelism requirements

Precision Machining


Water jetting uses an extremely high-pressure stream of water to cut 3-dimensional designs out of virtually any material you can imagine.  It excels at processing soft metals--like aluminum and copper--as well as temperature-sensitive materials.

Waterjet Cutting
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